Things Never to Eat or Drink in Bali

Things Never to Eat or Drink in Bali is the God of the island which becomes the favorite places for many people in the world. Many both foreign and local tourist like to visit Bali. Visiting Bali is always a good thing to do. Nevertheless, you should prepare yourself and take great care of yourself. In having a vacation, sometimes there’s something you ought to do and not to do. In addition to, there’s also something you should eat and drink and what you shouldn’t. Sometimes it isn’t due to a banning regulation, but for the good results of your health throughout the vacation. Here are the things you shouldn’t to drink or eat in Bali.

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Dog Meat

The principles on meals for Hindus, other than in Niti Sastra, are also in Manawa Dharmasastra The 5th book (Atha Pancamo Dhyayah). In outline, the Hindus aren’t allowed to eat forbidden food, because it’ll result in impure and short lived.

Asu Bang Bungkem is a dog with a creamy body and a black muzzle. Used at a ceremonial ceremony for Hindus in Bali. All kinds of caru aims, among others, to “nyomia bhuta” that gets rid of the negative things, especially against the tri hita karana, to the positive things.

Cat and monkey meat

Bali is a Hindu religion’s bulk. They forbid his individuals to eat cat meat. Cats are animals whose food is filthy, for example, when they give birth to lick and eat the placenta. The ape also can’t be eaten since the monkey is a five-fingered animal.

Hindus don’t eat beef. There are a variety of versions underlying why Hindus don’t eat beef, which is undoubtedly the central concept is the Hindus regard the cow as a noble animal. Yes, this can be somewhat different from the concept of Islam that doesn’t eat pork because it is considered haram, although the Hindus don’t eat beef because it is considered sacred.


In Bali, drinking beer can be banned. However, you can still appreciate it if you drink in the proper location like in bar or discotheque. Arak is a kind of intoxicating taboo drink in Indonesia. For that, you’ll have to be careful when ingesting it in Indonesia, especially Bali.

Ice cubes

If you see large blocks of ice cubes being transported carelessly from truck to vendor, you’ll know why drinking ice cubes aren’t recommended. Frequently, they aren’t covered or managed correctly while being transported, let alone the questionable water used in creating the cube. Usually, ice cubes that have a hole at the center are more reliable, but to be safe, order cold beverages from a prominent cafe or restaurant.